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Racebook review

Every year it gets harder and harder to zero in on what race that is almost three years old is the latest Kentucky Derby prep. All this becomes more and more confusing since the horses somehow give runs less often; they have longer breaks between the races and surface that is made of synthetic material takes over. Now we will try to ponder and figure out the trends in the history of the race that will give us a clue of how to gain some profit in the next run of the famous Kentucky Derby race.

It was a very simple question in the days before the appearance of the Internet and the threat of global warming. There were only four kinds of bets and you didn't have to rack your brain on how to bet, what betting option to choose. At that time you could only bet win, place, show bets, and exactas.

But contemporary horse racing bettor has such a great variety of options that it can even scare away the bettors. Nowadays an average punter can place such bets as trifecta, superfecta, Hi-5, daily doubles, Pick 3's, Pick 4's, and a Pick 6.

To our opinion the visit to the Kentucky Derby is the must for every person who considers himself to be the real bettor. The Kentucky Derby race takes place at Churchill Downs and if you have the chance to visit this prominent event, do not hesitate and do it. And the deal is not only in the fact that you may have a number of betting options and the possibility of high payouts, the deal is in the atmosphere, in the experience you will have.

If you have a question about the sums that can be paid out at Kentucky Derby, we will tell you that they can be very high and not in the least because during the last 20 Derby races only three favorites won the race. But even if you put your bet on the favorite and it wins, you can get paid boxcars on your exotic bet.

But think twice before you place a bet on the favorite; consider such factors as bulky fields, pressure, the first or second time in the race or the class issues. It is not a rare case that favorites are beaten in the race so you should not try to be like others and bet the favorite.

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