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Horse racing betting glossary

This is a bet where you bet on more than one horse with the winnings from each selection going onto the next.

Placing a bet on the day before the race.

Board prices
These are odds that are currently displayed on the board. This is the starting point where the starting price is set.

A horse that also is considered as a potential winner of the race with at least two other horses.

When the price of a selection increases and quite often it happens because the lack of support.

The horse which the bookmaker regards as the most potential winner of the event.

A method used by bookmakers to make a seemingly one-sided event more attractive to bet on. Commonly used in rugby and American football.

Joint favorite
When a bookmaker can not split two selections for the favorite.

This is another name of the favorite of the race.

Bookmakers' informal for ?500.

The best bet of the day from a particular tipster.

That is how the bookies call ?25.

Rule 4
If a horse is withdrawn and there is insufficient time to form a new market the remaining horses in the race are subject to a deduction if they win or are placed. These are calculated according to the starting price as follows: 3/10 or longer odds - 75p in the ?, 2/5 to 1/3 - 70p, 8/15 to 4/9 - 65p, 8/13 to 4/7 - 60p, 4/5 to 4/6 - 55p, 20/21 to 5/6 - 50p, Evens to 6/5 - 45p, 5/4 to 6/4 - 40p, 13/8 to 7/4 - 35p, 15/8 to 9/4 - 30p, 5/2 to 3/1 - 25p, 10/3 to 4/1 - 20p, 9/2 to 11/2 - 15p, 6/1 to 9/1 - 10p, 10/1 to 14/1 - 5p, 14/1 - unchanged

Starting Price
This is often abbreviated to SP (you can see this abbreviation in some of our articles). They are the prices returned of the horses which are practically basis of the pay out to winning bettors if they didn't take a specified price themselves.

A horse whose odds are continually shortened in the face of heavy support.

The 'sign language' with which bookmakers on the racecourse talk to each other.

The betting forecast of how an on-course bookmaker thinks the betting on a race now open.

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