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Horse betting strategy

Despite the fact that there exists no person that would win in 100% of his bets, there are people that say that they have the most profitable and winning horse racing betting strategy. But we wouldn't recommend buying on this and pay big money for another strategy that will disappoint you. It is difficult for people and especially for the bettors to realize that there is no winning horse racing betting strategy, they do not work and those who write hundreds of books about these super strategies are just making money taking advantage of the people that really think such system exists.

Of course, it would be wrong to say that there is not a single system that can be helpful on your way to profitable horse racing betting. Some of the system are quite reliable and proved to get the slight advantage but do not believe if they promise you to increase your winning rate to 100%. Just think logically if there existed a hose rating strategy that helped you win all horse races, then this wouldn't be so profitable and the same people won their bets on and on again.

In fact the horse racing betting strategy that can assure you a tolerable number of successful bets is as easy as ABC, it comprises a number of rules that should be hold on to in order to succeed. First of all check the fitness of the horse you have decided to wager upon, check its stable if you have such possibility, watch the number of horses. It is a very good recommendation to check the physical form of every horse.  And if you have chosen a particular horse to bet on you should be even more attentive, check if the horse is trained the same way as before, prior to the race, if this new training is a failure you would better see it before you place a bet of several hundreds of dollars upon it. But this research has to be done in advance and not on the day of the race itself.   

Here are some points you need to consider:

  • The aim of betting is to beat the races. You are in bad position if you rely on tote odds. In such a way you are missing the best tote odds available.
  • You are also betting into markets of around 120%+ compared to significantly less for most Saturday bookmaker and usually not that much as at highest declared betting price.

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