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Horse betting basics

Win: this bet is the most common among the average bettors; you place a wager on horse you think is going finish the first. This bet has good payouts only if the odds for the horse that won were high, in most of the cases the odds for the favorite are long.

Place: Here you place a wager that the horse you have selected will come either first or maybe second to the finish.

Show: In this bet the horse you gave preference to should take the 1st place, the 2nd or the 3rd.

ACROSS-THE -BOARD: this is a combination of win, place and show bets.

Daily Double: Here you place a wager on two horses that will take the first place in two races.  The punter has to choose the right winners of the two races.

Pick Three: this is the same bet as daily double but the quantity of the races in not two but three.

Pick Six - Here you choose the winners of 6 races that go in a row. This is a bet on the first place position of six consecutive races.  If there is no winner of this bet, those who chose five winners are considered as the winners.

Exacta: Here you choose the horses that will occupy 1st and 2nd place in particular race and orderly.  

Quinella: A quinella is a single pool bet based on two selections in the same race. The selections can finish 1st and 2nd in any order for the bet to win.

Trifecta: horseracing bet where someone can wager on three horses to finish in the top three in one exact order.

Superfecta: A superfecta is a pool bet which involves predicting 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th places in the same race.

Odd/Even: This is an exotic bet that is placed on the number of the horse that is going to finish first.

The bet amount on main bets like the win, the place, the show bets is $2, and $1 is the minimum amount of the bet for exotic bets.  The player may bet above the minimum but all bets must be an even dollar amount (no change is given out).

If you managed to get the idea of horse racing betting options, we suggest you read other articles presented at our site that will help you to get better understanding of horse racing and how it works. Good luck to you.


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